Legacy Post-Ban Discussions with the Legacy Syndicate

Well they did it. Expressive Iteration & White Plume Adventurer have left the building. It took a little more time than some would have liked, but honestly the actual ban announcement was a real breath of fresh air from Wizards regarding Legacy.

I’m not typically a big fan of joining in on the discussion of bans, but I thought it was worth bringing together some of the big names in the format to discussion their thoughts on what’s to come – what’s the near-future look like for Legacy in 2023?

Thank you to the guests who took part in this as the turn around was quick but the responses were just class. I’ve brought in a few different archetype masters from a range of fair and green decks in the format to form the Legacy Syndicate.

Table of Contents

1. Maverick
Mark Strassman | StrassDaddy
Harry Hackett | Harry1232
Jonathan Yanik | Dreadnaught33
Douges | DougesOnTwitch

2. Naya Depths
Michael Mapson | ExpeditionMap
Arne Böwig | ArneMTG

3. Death & Taxes
John Hamilton | XJCloud
Evan Lewis | Akaleth

4. Lands
Albert Lindblom | Alli on MTGO

5. Elves
Newton Hang | HelloNewton

6. Miscellaneous
7. Support

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Alright – let’s get into it.


Mark Strassman | Twitch Streamer & Maverick Master

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks? Do you see a specific deck / archetype coming out on top?

I believe the metagame will be aggro and combo heavy for the next few weeks. I suspect the Show & Tell decks to be played the most play on MTGO as Atraxa is shinny and new (and pretty darn good).

I think Mono-Red Stompy will get some play as I suspect Caves of Chaos Adventurer and Blood Moon effects to be really good, and red can play initiative cards still.

Doomsday and Breakfast should still be good decks, but I do not believe players will flock to them in high numbers. I believe UR Delver will still be the best deck after the dust settles, but less people will play it as at first without Expressive Iteration.

I could see a lot of old staples come back like Death & Taxes, Elves, Depths, even some sort of Tundra deck potentially. However, I am expecting combo mania for the next few weeks. Less players will opt to play Delver and this means one of the main police officers in the format will be off duty for a bit.

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects Maverick?

I believe Maverick will be a fine choice, however, in the coming weeks, it will struggle a bit as the meta will be wide and unpredictable. The bans are overall good for Maverick as Maverick “should” have been good against Delver and Initiative and these decks got big nerfs. This means Maverick can dedicate more slots to beating other decks instead of beating decks it “should” be good against.

This will be a good week for turn zero interaction. It’s too soon to predict, but I would guess the meta will get fairer in the weeks to come as more FoW decks get played such as UWx Cntrol, Delver, and combo decks that play FoW like Doomsday, Breakfast, Show and tell, Alluren, etc.

3. Do you see a specific Maverick archetype benefits more than others?

Naya Maverick:

I believe Pyroblast will be amazing for the coming weeks as I do not see Brainstorm/Ponder decks going away any time soon. Until Mawloc is available on MTGO, Naya Maverick will feel like it is missing something important.

Pyroblast minsc-boo-timeless-heroes (2)

When the meta settles down and becomes more predictable, I believe Minsc and Boo will be a supreme choice to beat the control decks, and I believe Urza’s Saga will be another fine choice to beat the fair blue decks. Punishing Fire may be good after the dust settles, but I do not see it being a great choice in the coming weeks. I will still be playing Punishing Fire….

Abzan Maverick:

Snuff Out might still be good. Legacy is a relatively small community and this may have been a community oversight. Since MH2, Black has taken a backseat in most fair decks and this could change if Plague Engineer gains more utility. Grist is also a great card that is a game changer for Abzan.

Snuff Out Grist, the Hunger Tide

I suspect Abzan will be the typical Maverick’s players choice going forward as it has been for many years unless Mawloc really is the hero we needed this whole time.


I do not foresee this archetype getting much play. Flusterstorm will be a good option if you do choose this archetype. Cards like Meddling Mage have been outclassed over the years, and Blue is often an odd splash colour for us unless you play Leovold.


If and only if Life from the Loam, Price of Progress, Blood Moon, Back to Basics, etc. are good. Legacy is a really powerful format, and I think you will want a splash colour to help you beat the unfair decks. Lots of combo decks go off turn 1 or 2, and if you are on the draw, your haters will be too slow most of the time.

Cards like Pyroblast and Thoughtseize help a lot at fighting combo, and in the coming weeks, I believe you will need turn 1 interaction. Also, for removal 4 Swords to Plowshares alone will likely not cut it in Legacy. Maybe I am greedy (I am) but splash a colour!

Want to learn more about Naya Maverick? Here’s the 2023 primer

Naya Maverick: Is Punishing Still the Way in 2023?


Harry Hackett | Harry1232 | Maverick Expert

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

I focus on playing Maverick and don’t really pay too much attention to other decks matchups against each so I’m not that certain what decks will come out on top.
With that being said, I expect Delver, straight UR or with a splash, to still be the best deck in the format. Even without Iteration, Delver still has the newer broken cards DRC and Murktide in addition to classic broken cards Daze, Force of Will, Brainstorm, Ponder.

I think Control as an archetype is going to get a lot better. Initiative was a big problem for control decks and with WPA gone they shouldn’t have to worry about it as much. I imagine their Delver matchup will also improve as the Delver player won’t be able to refuel with EI.

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects Maverick?

These bans are great news for Maverick. Without WPA in the format I expect to see a decrease in spot removal which is a good thing for our creature based deck.
An increase in Control will probably mean a decrease in combo which is good for us.
The Delver matchup should also be slightly better with EI gone.

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others?

Damage based removal (Mawloc, Punishing Fire) is going to be a lot better without WPA in the format. Mawloc has been a very impressive card for me so far and one of the only problems that I’ve had with it is that it is too slow against Initiative.

With WPA gone that isn’t really something I’m as worried about anymore. I expect a Naya deck playing 4 Mawloc to be the best Maverick deck going forward.

Jonathan Yanik | Dreadnaught33 | GWx Expert

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

I think it’s likely to resemble the meta before Initiative, with decks like Lands, 4C URO piles, Doomsday, Red Prison, Naya Depths, and other traditional archetypes (D&T, Goblins, Post, etc) coming back to MTGO.

We all know in paper people have their decks (Legacy is expensive!) and now that some of their deck choices aren’t completely invalidated by the top 2 decks, I’m certain these paper players will be more willing to play again.

Delver has plenty of cards it can slot back in like Mercurial Spelldancer, more burn/disruption, etc and will likely still be the best deck. I get the feeling Doomsday has a chance at best combo deck, and Red Prison comes roaring back into play with initiative cards being the end game for them.


Death & Taxes will also be a good grindy option that spikes a lot of the decks coming back. I fear Miracles in paper with Triumph of Saint Catherine and I also worry about those attraction type decks being not super fun to play against.

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects Maverick?

Maverick is probably in a similar position after the bans, and it might be hard to play before the meta settles a bit. Personally I’d rather be on Naya Depths to have the free win possibility in an unknown meta, but going forward on Maverick with the ideas you have laid out Douges as well as Saga-centred decks like Strasdaddy and Harry1232 have been playing is wise.

 collector ouphe Gaddock Teeg

If I was on Maverick, I’d go with Naya to play Mawloc, Minsc and blasts effects, probably with Thalia main and then either a Saga or SFM package. I’d be bringing extra combo hate in the board (Leyline of the Void, Deafening silence, Ouphe, maybe Gaddock Teeg, maybe even Mindbreak Trap) as well as anti blue deck hate like Choke, blasts, plane walkers or any other options.

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others?

Honestly no, although Punishing Fire probably is the answer since I’m guessing blue decks that play Teferi/Narset come back and grindy decks will be played more. Snuff Out still seems like a super playable card along with Grist main, and Plague Engineer looks to be attractive (especially in paper) again.

Take 2 minutes to enjoy this INSANE game Jono & I had while co-streaming Depths against Reanimator. Still one of my favourite memories and streaming moments.

Douges | DougesOnTwitch | Just some guy who enjoys Legacy

1. What do I think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

Open and I love it. I think right now there’s no real top dog and so a fair amount of players will either be returning to see if their pet deck is viable or trying out new adaptations of decks (RUG/Grixis Delver, RW Initiative etc)

That’s a little tough for Maverick, a deck that shines when a meta is settled and can be targeted with different Green Sun’s Zenith targets or specific lands through Knight.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the meta shakes out but I think combo decks like Painter and Breakfast haven’t lost too much, nor UR Delver to be honest (it’s just been brought down from Tier S to Tier 1).

2. What are my first thoughts on how this affects Maverick?

Unsure. As I said above, it’s always tough for Maverick to fight in leagues or tournaments in general where there’s so many things we need to answer and shut down.

Imagine a tradesman who only has so much room in his toolbox. They’re going to be much better prepared for a day’s work if they know specifically the tasks ahead of them such as plumbing in bathrooms and or rewiring in roofs. If they’re unsure what’s ahead, you’re most likely going to end up bringing a bunch of equipment that might not even get used.

That’s what it’s like to be a Maverick in an unknown or experimental time in a metagame. If I was to go out with Maverick and play some leagues or a Challenge, I’d look to have some sort of ‘I-Win button’ to proactively work towards while adding disruption to the board.

This is why I’ve move towards Naya Depths at this stage. You still have disruption in Wasteland and GSZ targets, while having the ability to work towards Marit Lage.

If anything, I’m really excited to see what ideas come out from the Maverick community. Let’s me honest, Maverick hasn’t been a tier 1 deck for a long time but that hasn’t stopped the community and Maverick’s from pushing the deck and trying new things. Honestly one of the best magic communities out there.

3. Do I see a specific archetype benefits more than others?

I feel Naya is very strong with Minsc as a potential I-Win button and blast effects to slow down both Delver and combo decks.

Abzan is typically great in go-wide creature metagames, but the lack of cheap interaction like blasts is where I have to urge caution.

If you’re interested in Abzan, I recently updated the primer for 2023!

Abzan Maverick: A 2023 Update on the Archetype

Green-White is typically where I like to start with any new meta (once settled) to see what colour I miss most then more to 3 colours.

BANT is just not on my radar while blast effects are seeing maindeck play.


Green-White / Naya Depths

Michael Mapson | ExpeditionMap | | Dark Depths Co-Host | Naya Depths Coach*

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

I think we will see a much more similar metagame to pre-Initiative. So Doomsday will come back, D&T, Depths, probably some 8-Cast well return. Delver will still be the most popular deck. I’m not sure exactly what it will look like. People keep taking about Predict but I’m underwhelmed with it in a delver shell.

I hope Preordain comes back. And I hope people work on Spelldancer decks though they just lost their best spell. People will say that painter and breakfast came up in popularity as metagame decks but I do think they’re both here to stay

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects Naya Depths?

The Initiative matchup was not fun and not great so that going away is huge. I think Delver getting worse is pretty rough for us unfortunately though. The Delver matchup was very good. Now it’s probably even better but it will be less common which I think is worse.

Also Delver helps to keep Doomsday, our worst matchup, low in numbers. Doomsday players coming out of hiding is very bad for us. Thankfully most people aren’t smart enough to play that deck well so they just don’t. Overall though, this is good for us.

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others?

I have a hard time believing any build other than Naya Depths would be correct but time will tell. Saga giving access to Pithing Needle for Painter and Thran Foundry for Doomsday could be good.


*If you’re looking to get better with Naya Depths, look no further than the main-man himself Michael “Expedition Map” Mapson.

Reach out to him on Twitter or Discord [Mapson#8730]

Arne Böwig | ArneMTG | Naya Depths Master

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

It will most likely be a wild west where every deck that suffered in the old meta hopes to be viable again which in most cases will be not true. Delver will still be very good, but has to reconfigure itself. Because of that I expect a variety of lists to float around with splashes to varying degrees until one establishes itself as the list and approach (Tempo or Midrange) to play.

Apart from that I expect all decks that were good before to still be good, but everyone will have some free slots again. Non-blue decks that were repressed by Initiative are back in the race again, but will have to prove themselves which will not be possible until the meta settles and everyone can be sure about what they need to target.

The same thing should be true for combo decks. Apart from that I have no educated guess, so let’s f**k around and find out, right?

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects Naya Depths?

I feel good going into the new unknown meta, because you have ways in your toolbox to interact with most strategies. If you don’t know what the opponent is doing you have a good proactive plan and can just try to Depths them and see.

Regarding my own list WPA got hit for sure, but I am more than happy to have that gone from the format as a whole and go back to the drawing board. Sylvan Library will be back for me and we will see how it plays.

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others (GW over Naya? Saga back in)?

I feel that Naya will still be the best way to play the deck. Red Blast will still be very good no matter what and Minsc & Boo is way more proactive than what other splash colours can offer.

Being proactive is what’s important here unless we land at a very specific meta that needs to be attacked differently.

Saga plus Thespian’s Stage as your splash is always appealing, but mostly a trap due to how mana-intensive it is and how much space the tutor targets take up.

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Death & Taxes

John Hamilton | XJCloud | “The D&T Guy”

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

Delver still the best deck, people will take a bit of time exploring options (Predict, Spelldancer, colour splashes). Decks that Initiative preyed on have a lot to gain (obviously) like Lands and Moon Stompy. Most of Delvers prey doesn’t actually feel like it gains a whole lot, unless you were trying to grind them out (like D&T or BANT/4C Control).

Most combo decks probably gain little to nothing vs Delver, because of that. Painter and Breakfast are both decks that thrived during the Init. meta but haven’t really had much of a chance to be experimented on outside of it, it will be interesting to see where they land post-ban, but both decks seem powerful enough to continue living.

Some more niche combo decks will probably be bummed as decks gain more sideboard space from the ban. Personally I think Moon Stompy gets huge gains, especially early on. Whenever we get a format shaking ban people go into an experimentation phase for a bit, and a very powerful and consistent linear strategy with a bunch of ways to punish clunky stuff is a good way to win (weird how that also describes Delver).

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects D&T?

Low key I actually thought D&T was in an okay spot in the Init. meta (more to come in my “state of the noodle” stream on Akaleths channel this Thursday (March 9th), where we’ll talk about all things D&T), but any loss for Init. and Delver is a gain for D&T.

As much as I hate Murktide, D&T is a control deck, and reducing Delvers ability to grind will be a net positive for D&T. I do think D&T will suffer a bit early for similar reasons I think Moon Stompy will be good: a slow fair reactive deck is not as good during a phase where everyone is experimenting with random stuff. But long term I think D&T is well off unless someone convinces everyone Doomsday is good again (pls no).

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others? (Perhaps RW or Saga or do you feel strongly about Mono-W going forward)

RW was a reaction to an influx of 8-Mulch and 8cast, I don’t see it coming back unless the meta really calls for Moons and blasts that much again. The Saga version is yet to be determined, I lean Saga-less right now though as I don’t think the ban affects that much.

Legacy has adapted to the “real” Saga decks of the format enough that I think D&T is better served not getting hit by the random hate cards as badly (Meltdown isn’t very good vs Saga-less D&T, but very good vs Saga, etc).

4. Thoughts on Evan’s Seasoned Dungeoneer build going forward?

Dungeoneer is probably fine as an unrecruitable value 4 drop, but D&T has dozens of those at this point, and I don’t think they’re very important. Maybe in a world where there’s a deck you really need to try to grind out like the 4c zenith deck. There’s also perhaps a world where you can combine a D&T strategy with fast mana and some Init. cards but that’s only the smallest bud of an idea at this point.

Evan Lewis | Akaleth | Death & Taxes Expert | Patreon

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

I suspect that Delver is still going to be one of the best, if not the best decks – it’s just going to finally have the weakness it’s needed to have for a very long time, and there’s a lot of directions that people will take it over the coming weeks.

Now that Control doesn’t have to be built to keep up with looping EIs out of Delver, I’m curious where Uro shells are going to land. But more than anything, it’s going to be interesting to see where the decks that became popular because of Initiative land, like Painter and Breakfast.

It seems to me like they’ve got plenty of potential to be long term role players in the format now that they’ve been iterated on. Moon Stompy is likely the deck that has the most to gain, at least in the short term. They lost a bad matchup in Initiative, and will beat up a lot of people trying to experiment with new things by Blood Mooning and Trinisphering them.

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects D&T?

I was already feeling good about D&T in the meta before this ban announcement, and now I’m even more excited. Delver was a good matchup, but always frustratingly close and losable thanks to their card advantage from Expressive Iteration resulting in many Force of Will’s on the removal spells we needed to stabilize.

Now they’re much more susceptible to getting 1-for-1’d to death, which puts them right where we want them. The popular combo decks all involve creatures, and we’re much more effective at contending with that over spell based combo currently. Assuming Moon Stompy becomes a contender again, that’s yet another good matchup for D&T. Uro decks have traditionally been good matchups, and they’re likely to get more popular now.

The only big question mark is where decks like Doomsday land. Assuming Delver takes a more aggressive stance, they’re going to be even better against Doomsday than they already were, but if less people are playing Delver, then maybe it’s still a net positive for our worse matchups. We’ll have to see. That said, I’m very optimistic for the near future of D&T.

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others? (Perhaps RW or Saga or do you feel strongly about Mono-W going forward)

I’m certainly biased, considering my limited experience with the other two, but I suspect traditional mono-W D&T without Saga will be the best build.

The red splash originally came about because we needed Pyroblast against Kappa Cannoneer 8-Cast, and Magus of the Moon against 8-Mulch, two very problematic matchups from last year. 8-Mulch is essentially dead, and 8-Cast isn’t as much of a concern between its drop in popularity and the printing of Loran of the Third Path.

Urza's Saga

Saga builds of D&T could absolutely make a resurgence depending on the way the meta evolves in the coming weeks. That said, it will always be susceptible to the baseline hate that Legacy decks will always have against Urza’s Saga for the rest of time, and there’s a lot of value in being less susceptible to the Meltdowns and Force of Vigors that are both ubiquitous and coming in against you anyway.

4. Thoughts on your Seasoned Dungeoneer build going forward?

If the format slows down a lot, I could see Dungeoneer being a good choice for D&T. The Undercity is still broken, and a 3/4 unblockable is a powerful threat. That said, you can’t get it with Recruiter of the Guard, and when I played with it, Seasoned Dungeoneer got boarded out a *lot*.

It has a similar problem to Palace Jailer – the effect is incredibly powerful, but you’re favoured in so many long games that you don’t really need that effect to win those grindy games. So, introducing that mechanic to the game runs the risk of being more likely to open up opportunities for your opponent than it is to win you a game that you would’ve otherwise lost.

Whether it’s worth that risk will really depend on the problem decks that arise for us. While this isn’t quite related to your question, Trailblazer’s Torch is an interesting one I’ll be thinking about for a while. Stoneforge Mystic fetching it gives us a lot of ways to access the Initiative in the matchups we need it for without wasting so much deck space on things we can’t tutor for.

Community Notice:

This Thursday during Evan’s normal stream time (8pm EST), xJCloud will be joining and talking about these topics and more during our State of the D&T Union address!

If you’ve got questions, or want to hear even more about our plans for D&T moving forward, please come on by!


Albert Lindblom | Lands Expert | Legacy Winner’s Metagame Host

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

In my opinion the biggest winners are Red Prison, GW Depths and Uro Control. These where all major players in the winners meta, just before Initiative became available on MODO, and they have been mostly non-existent post Initiative. I suspect that most White Initiative players will swap to Red Prison. Uro Control had a bad Initiative matchup, and it will also gain metashare by Delver getting weakened as some fair blue players will swap to control.


Reanimator plus Doomsday were the most successful combo decks pre Initiative, and Reanimator plus Cephalid Breakfast were the most successful combo decks post Initiative. Most Doomsday players seem to have swapped to Breakfast during the Initiative era and it will be interesting to see if they swap back now.

I also see some Atraxa combo decks (based around either Show and Tell or Natural Order) but I don’t think these will be better than Reanimator or the Thassa’s Oracle decks.

Delver is in an interesting spot. It has lost the card advantage engine but it got to keep all of its threats. Most importantly the 8 one drops. I think Delver can go lower to the ground and try to kill you faster (Price of Progress) or try to find another card advantage engine (Predict, Reckless Impulse, Spellbinder, Spellbelly, Painful Truths are a few examples).

I suspect that most players will try to find another card advantage engine but they won’t find anything nearly as good as Expressive Iteration was. Delver will still be the best deck in the format though, and it will continue to have a healthy metashare.

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects Lands?

Lands is another winner from this B&R announcement. I don’t think that we will be a major player in the new metagame but we will go back to the same spot that we had prior to Initiative. This means that we will be a few expert pilots on the deck and we will occupy a small metashare but have great results.

At the end of the Initiative era I decided to cut Urza’s Saga, Rishadan Port and Endurance from Lands in order to speed up the Marit Lage plan. This strategy was good vs both Delver and Initiative but it will be suicide vs a deck like GW Depths. I therefore think that the Lands builds will become slower again.

Thespian's Stage

Urza’s Saga will for sure make a comeback as it’s the most powerful card in the shell. I’m less certain about Rishadan Port and Endurance. Rishadan Port will only make a full comeback if the control decks stay 2 (or possibly 3) colours, but I think that the premier Uro Control deck will continue to splash red for Minsc & Boo and hence I will initially continue to play 1 Ghost Quarter.

I’m not looking forward to add Endurance back to Lands, as it feels clunky, but it’s one of the best cards against both GW Depths and Doomsday so I will test it again

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others? (GR over GW etc)

Not really. There are pros and cons to all colour combinations. In general you want to stay 2 colours in order to have better mana and be able to fit more utility lands.

GW has a better Storm matchup but the lack of Pyroblast really matters in some matchups (Show and Tell, Delver, Control, 8 Cast, just to name a few). RUG and Bant are interesting but the mana can be really bad.

I think RG Lands will be the best choice going forward. You can build it with Sphere main if you want to be a bit better vs Combo in G1. This depends on how the metagame shapes up.

If you look for a less competitive but very fun option I would recommend Sushi Lands. It still makes me giggle everytime that I manage to assemble the combo of Rishadan Port, Spreading Algae and Urborg. Commune with Spirits is a recent pickup that has increased the consistency of this shell.


Newton Hang | Elves Expert | HelloNewton | Patreon

1. What do you think the meta will look like over the coming weeks?

I think players will either put effort into trying to make their pet decks competitive or brew something new (i.e. Mercurial Spelldancer). UR Delver still has the fewest weaknesses and will thus have the highest metashare.

2. What are your first thoughts on how this affects Elves?

Traditional combo elves may beat up on brews/non-competitive decks but I think will struggle against UR Delver in particular as UR has additional room in their sideboard for sweepers. Fiend artisan lists gain a lot from not having to warp their sideboard to beat initiative anymore.

3. Do you see a specific archetype benefits more than others?

Elvish Reclaimer

My opinion is an optimal Glimpse list should be playing Reclaimer. However, the additional complexity of the card deters a lot of pilots. Nettle builds do a better job beating up on unrefined lists towards the beginning of a new meta but have less staying power than their Artisan counterparts.


Jason Murray‘s put together his first take on Death & Taxes in the new metagame

Shout out to Jason who’s also been working on D&T and has been active in the deck’s build pre & post-Initiative.

Max (Maxtortion) has been tinkering with Red-White Initiative without WPA

Speaking of high quality people, a huge welcome back to Min (first article in almost a year!) with his take on the new Legacy metagame.

Cal Smith has been playing some BANT Natural Order which Reid Duke also covered this week. Atraxa has made some real splashes here and BANT NO looks to be a promising ‘deck to beat’ in the near future.

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