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The GreenSunsZenith was created to give players a platform for education, tips and tricks and general guidance on the Legacy Maverick archetype.

I don’t in any way want users to feel pushed towards any sort of monetary support, but if you find value in this website or my stream all types of support to the run the site are appreciated.

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patreon support

A huge thank you to my Patreon members in September 2023!

Questing Beast Tier:

  • ThatMaverickJoe

Green Sun’s Zenith Tier:

  • John Kater
  • Bob Meijwaard
  • Corey Checketts

Knight of the Reliquary Tier:

  • Aaron Lewis
  • Jan Hansen
  • Jerry Turgin
  • Kvellish
  • Klye_the_Clem
  • Marco Sammon
  • Matt Albrecht
  • Ralee Spooner
  • Nate Lawrence
  • Dominik Eins
  • Wumpus

Dryad Arbor Tier:

  • Joe
  • David Fischer

Noble Hierarch Tier:

  • Blablah
  • Connor Folse
  • Dan Ballard
  • David London
  • Jeremy Pinter
  • Jesse Adams
  • Petr Vicherek
  • Tim Grant
  • Always_Home
  • Nackt und Rosa

As part of the Knight tier I offer 1:1 feedback on your decklists!

“Just had Douges review my list and provided feedback as part of the Knight teir patron service. I was very impressed and appreciated the feedback. If you’re a member reach out, got some really good insight on a few of my card choices”


5. Donation Decklists:

I take on donation decklists! I currently have three options available at $25.00 USD,  $45.00 USD & $80 USD (all perks below).

Providing decklists in .txt format is recommended so it’s an easy transition into MTGO. I also like to stick with fair strategies so would prefer lists to be along the lines of Maverick, Loam, Depths, Death & Taxes or Humans.

In 2023 I’ve also added the 3rd tier option! For $80, you’ll also get a ‘Zenith merch bundle (T-Shirt and Mug) sent to you!

Note: If a decklist isn’t provided and you’d like me to come up with the 75, an extra $5.00 will be added to the overall cost.

Tier 1: $25.00 USD

This includes;

  • Feedback on the list before running it through the league
  • A recorded MTGO league uploaded to YouTube
  • A pre-league deck tech
  • Post-league feedback on the decklist

Note: If I see spot any issues with the list before the league, I’ll let you know my recommendations to get pre-match approval.

Player feedback: $25 tier

“Overall, the donation process was very smooth and easy. You were incredibly responsive and knocked out the league super quickly. I thought the discussion beforehand of what I was trying to accomplish with the list was a good way to get on the same page and see if you noticed the same things I do when playing it. The pre- and post-league deck techs were helpful and addressed a lot of thoughts I had about certain cards as I’ve been iterating with the list. I also really liked your method for testing a card without actually testing a card by changing the printing of the specific cards we wanted to keep in mind. It was a nice thought experiment when you saw the 3rd Noble that could be an Ignoble, or the 3rd Endurance. Very helpful, I’m going to steal that one.” – Karador

$25 tier league example:

Tier 2: $45.00 USD

This option includes all of tier 1’s perks as well as;

  • A live-streamed MTGO league on Twitch after the first run through
  • An article style report on the initial decklist, league outcomes, changes to the deck etc.

I’d also make any recommendations after the recorded league to make sure the list is optimised before the live stream.

Here’s an example of a tier 2 donation decklist

Donation Decklist: Abzan Maverick feat. Death’s Shadow

Tier 3: $80.00 USD

This option includes all of the previous tier perks as well as

  • A GreenSunsZenith merch bundle (T-Shirt & Mug) shipped straight to you!


“Having Douges run my Maverick list through a league was one of the best things I feel that I could do to prepare for an event. I received valuable feedback on the list and it’s play patterns, as well as heuristics and updates to the list after the league.”

Here’s examples of a tier 3 donation decklist report:

Donation Decklist – Abzan Depths feat. Deeproot Wayfinder

Donation Decklist: 4-Colour Maverick



If you have a decklist you’d like me to play, let me know and we can sort out a session. If you’d like me to take you through a league, I’d also be open to this at a higher rate.

Looking forward to hearing from you!