The Zenith’s Story

Hey I’m Douges and I’m the founder of the and the Green Sun’s Summit.

How did the website come about?

The ‘Zenith was actually born from a work project. My boss at the time wanted me to learn the in’s and out’s of a website and thought no better way than to build one myself. The platform is for new and current Maverick (and now Depths) pilots to learn the archetype(s) and continue learning as they build their experience with the deck.

When and how did you get into Magic?

I’ve been playing Magic since 2012, initially discovering the game through Duals of the Planeswalkers and then getting into the paper form when Return to Ravinia released.

Since then I’ve enjoyed all things far, typically playing a green-white based strategy. I started with Standard, moved to Modern (GW Hatebears) and then ended up with Death & Taxes in Legacy around 2014. I played D&T for a number of years, finishing on a high winning the 168 player ‘Super Legacy Sunday’ at GP Shizuoka in 2018.

Semi-finals text coverage
Finals text coverage

From there, I moved to what I typically play today – Legacy Maverick. Maverick’s been a work in progress deck for some years now, with many pilots putting up impressive results despite the odds.

Where can I find you online?

You can find me streaming via Dougesontwitch, uploading content to YouTube and through other platforms found on my LinkTree.

Media (Podcasts, Coverage)

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest on a few Legacy podcasts including;

Everyday Eternal
Dark Depths Podcast
Eternal Durdles
The Canadian Threshold
MTG & Life with Kai Sawatari
Deep Analysis with Brian Coval & Phil Gallagher

and even had a tune written by the mighty ForceofPhil himself

I’ve also been fortunate enough to play events around the world, and have featured on coverage at some events

Eternal Weekend Melbourne

7pt Highlander Blue Moon vs. JP Storm

GP Sydney Coverage via CBRMTG | Legacy

GP Melbourne – Legacy D&T vs. Miracles

Brisbane Eternal Weekend

Brisbane Eternal Weekend 2018 Quarters
Brisbane Eternal Weekend 2018 Semis
Brisbane Eternal Weekend 2018 Finals

90s MTG

Maverick vs. Mono Blue Stasis
Maverick vs Niv Mizzet Snowko
Maverick vs. Grixis Delver (Roland Chang)

Maverick vs UW Control
Maverick vs Elves
Maverick vs. Death’s Shadow

The Legacy Pit

Maverick vs Delver
Maverick vs BUG Snow Control
Maverick vs. Maverick
Maverick vs BUG Zenith Yorion