Tips & Tricks

Maverick has a huge amount of play to it, something that rewards pilots who stick with the deck through thick and thin. Here are some tips and tricks you may not know about at first glance.

Scryb Ranger

  • Scryb Ranger’s most well known use is most likely that of being able to attack with your own Knight of the Reliquary, deal damage and then untap the Knight in your second main with Ranger to make use of its ability (like Wastelanding your opponent).
  • Scryb Ranger also works really well with Mother of Runes, giving the old gal another activation. Let’s say you block a Snapcaster Mage with Mum and then before damage tap her to give herself protection from blue until end of turn. Your opponent responses with a Swords to Plowshares to save their Wizard. Now you get the chance to untap your Mother of Runes and give herself protection from another colour of your choice (in this case White)
  • If you start with a forest and a mana dork then a turn 2 Scryb Ranger is pretty much ‘free’ to cast at the cost of a land drop. Say you have a hand with Ranger and another 2 drop you can untap for your turn, cast the Ranger, untap your mana dork and return your forest to then replay it and add another 2 mana to cast your 2nd 2-drop.
  • Scryb Ranger can create an endless chump blocker in Dryad Arbor. You can block with the Arbor and then return it as it’s a forest to your hand before hand. Once it’s back to your turn you can safely play it, rinse and repeat until you have the tools to better your position.
  • Scryb Ranger can also help your mid to late game by always making sure you can trigger Tireless Tracker in each of your turns. How is this thing not even a rare?!
  • Scryb Ranger can snipe down opposing an Phantasmal Image or exile an Eternal Scourge!

Tireless Tracker

Tireless Tracker

  • Tireless Tracker’s ability says whenever you sacrifice a Clue not, sacrifice a clue. This means if you have a number of Clues on the field and your opponent makes you sacrifice them through something like Annihilator, Tireless Tracker will still get the counters from the Clues you’ve now sacrificed. This can be key when trying to figure out which threat to keep around to calculate if you have lethal the following turn.

Green Sun’s Zenith

Green Sun's Zenith

  • Green Sun’s Zenith says “Search your library for a green creature card with converted mana cost X or less” which means you don’t always have to cast x equal to the mana cost of the creature you want. This means you can play around Chalice of the Void by casting GSZ for x equal to 3 or more and still be able to grab a 2CMC creature like Qasali Pridemage.
  • GSZ isn’t a must meaning you can actually use one to try and bait out something like Containment Priest. Although you’d be down a copy of one of the greatest tutors in Legacy, a small x GSZ that baits out a Priest could allow you to then play out a creature in hand with the leftover mana.


Bojuka Bog

  • Bojuka Bog can be a life saver when it’s come onto the field at instant speed either through Knight of the Reliquary or even Crop Rotation, but once you get it’s ETB that’s it…or is it? With Ramunap Excavator seeing more and more play you actually have a way to get multiple instances of its ETB. If you really need to exile your opponent’s graveyard in your turn, you can Wasteland your own Bog and then play it from your graveyard thanks to Excavator, triggering its ETB once more.


Punishing Fire

  • Punishing Fire can be devastating in a fair metagame, but can be quite susceptible to graveyard hate like Surgical Extraction. If your opponent targets Punishing Fire with Surgical Extraction in response to the trigger to return it, you can use Swords to Plowshares on one of their creatures to cause your opponent to gain life and trigger the Punishing Fire again, giving you a chance to return the Punishing Fire to your hand before it gets exiled to Surgical.


Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

  • Mostly used to go wide with a force of 2/2 soliders, you may be able to get away with a sneaky 5 damage before you create that 2/2. With Karakas in the deck, you can turn Gideon into the 5/5 Legendary creature he was born to be, attack and then post combat return him to your hand with Karakas. You can then recast Gideon and get your beloved 2/2 Knight.

Nissa, Vital Force

  • If you target a Legendary Land like Dark Depths or Karakas with Nissa’s +1 ability, in your opponents turn you can block a creature that either may kill the land or is equipped with a Jitte and then return it to your hand with Karakas because it is a Legendary Creature Land!