The Green Sun’s Summit


The Green Sun’s Summit (previously known as Legacy Weekend) is a cross-collaboration event with other content creators and deck specialists.

The Green Sun’s Summit | September 2023

I am stoked to announce not only another stacked line-up of Magic & Legacy all-stars, but ALSO launch what was previously known as Legacy Weekend, as The Green Sun’s Summit! This ‘Legacy Weekend is from September 8th to 10th and includes the following guests!

Find all decklists within my Moxfield

Official Trailer & Streamed VODs

Find all the streams from the weekend below! You can also find decklists in the video description

More info regarding deck choices and player bios is coming, but make sure you lock in this weekend for some non-stop Legacy action via my Twitch stream.

Stream Schedule


The Line-up

Vince | Pleasant Kenobi

John Ryan Hamilton | XJCloud | Death & Taxes Discord

Julian Knab | itsJulian | The Everyday Eternal Podcast

Phil Gallagher | Thraben U | The Eternal Glory Podcast

Michael Mapson | Dark Depths Podcast

Mark Strassman | StrassDaddy | YouTube

Eli Goings | GoblinLackey1 | Patreon

Stream Sponsors

Ultimate Guard

A huge thank you to Ultimate Guard who sponsored the Summit with product giveaways! I have a great mix of Return To Earth Boulders and Cortex sleeves for viewers to win during the streams and by following my channels.

I’ll be giving away some prizes to a lucky random YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Discord user so make sure you’re following me on all channel!

Kai Sawatarix

I always enjoy collaborating with other content creators and they don’t come better than Kai. I’ve got 7 tokens to giveaway during the weekend (1 per stream) where the winner can pick the one they’re after and get it shipped at no cost!

Legacy Weekend #2

After the success of Legacy Weekend, I decided to run it back with another stacked Legacy line-up.

  • Brian Coval on BANT Midrange
  • Callum Smith on Mono-R Painter
  • Matthew Vook on Jeskai Control
  • Sahar Mirhadi on RW Initiaitve
  • Connery Knox on Abzan Maverick
  • Tom Hepp on Rainbow Depths
  • Connor Folse on 4C Loam

Legacy Weekend #2 VODS:

Legacy Weekend #1

The first Legacy Weekend was a huge success with a load of talent in the co-host pool

  • Albert Lindblom on Lands
  • XJCloud on Mono-White Initiative
  • Maxtortion on BANT Initiative
  • Mark Strassman on Punishing Maverick
  • Dreadnaught33 on Naya Depths
  • Hello Newton on Fiend Elves

Legacy Weekend #1 VODS