Inside The Maverick: Episode 1 Feat. Mark Strassman

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Inside the Maverick. This is a podcast-style VOD where I’m joined by a Maverick specialist and run through how they began playing MTG and more specifically the Legacy format, their experience with Maverick archetypes and some of their current lists they’re running through tournaments.

It was really nice to have Mark Strassman on for the first episode, running through Punishing Maverick’s current position in the Legacy metagame.

We also talked about some new 4C builds he has been working on, taking advantage of some blue spells in Meddling Mage and Oko, Thief of Crowns.

This is the first of a series so be sure to subscribe to the channel. I’m really looking forward to building out this type of content.

Episode 1: Inside the Maverick feat. Mark Strassman


Decklist 1 (GWR Maverick)
7:05 GWR Maverick Overview
12:22 GWR Manabase
15:27 Role of Punishing Fire

Decklist 2
20:38 4C Maverick
21:07 Kloyths Impact on the format
23:53 REB effects in GWR
26:35 Stoneforge Mystic
30:05 Removal suite vs. RUG Delver
32:36 3 Sylvan Library ?!
35:50 The resurgence of Punishing Fire
38:38 Lite Green Sun’s Zenith package
40:35 Gaea’s Cradle
43:05 – Six Mana-producing creatures

Decklist 3
46:43 – Sideboarding vs. Combo (ANT)
50:10 – Sideboarding vs. Sneak & Show
52:20 – Sideboarding vs.Eldrazi
56:00 – Sideboarding vs.Esper Vial
1:02:20- Sideboarding vs. Control decks
1:12:35 – Sideboarding vs.RUG Delver
1:23:05 Land ETB tips

1:23:46: Brainstorm
1:30:33 Courser of Kruphix
1:42:42 Meddling Mage

2:01:44 Mark’s Charts
2:07:51 Once Upon a Time

2:12:25 Where to find Mark

Show notes / Resources:

1st decklist covered: GWR Maverick decklist

2nd decklist covered:4C Maverick decklist

3rd decklist covered:4C Maverick decklist (Brainstorm)

Find Mark (StrassDaddy) on the Maverick Discord

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