Abzan Maverick MTGO League April 2022


Here’s my latest Legacy league with Abzan Maverick.

Why the move away from Knight of the Reliquary and towards Endurance?

The move towards Endurance has been really promising. I feel in the current metagame that’s dominated by UR Delver,  Knight of the Reliquary isn’t as well positioned as it has been in the past. A fair amount of times I’ve been losing matches even when I have multiple Knights on the board, due to not being able to answer opposing flyers. This has been one of the biggest reasons for the switch, but has some nice complimentary benefits such as increasing my G1 WR against graveyard combo decks

I also feel Maverick needs more instant value, as most of the creatures in the deck only provide that value needed to compete in Legacy once untapped. Endurance having an impact as soon as it comes into play is another big appeal for running more creatures with instant value (in most cases).

Abzan Legacy MTGO League:

Abzan Maverick Decklist:

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